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At AAbak Home Inspections in Aurora, CO, we do our best in educating our clients about radon. When you want your property inspected by a qualified and seasoned home inspector, consider our experts. Our duty is to ensure you and your family are breathing in quality indoor air. To schedule your basement radon testing service, call 720-363-0813.

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Make sure your next home purchase is a reasonable one. When seeking a home inspection service, turn to the detail-oriented professionals at AAbak Home Inspections in Aurora, CO. We are specialized in home inspection services, ensuring properties are safe and functional. Although we are a newly established business, making our mark in 2018, we have years of experience in examining homes and ensuring its structural, electrical and foundational integrity. We are insured for your peace of mind.

With each home inspection, we canvas all areas of your property that may involve the safety and function of your structure from your decks to your patio. We will inspect every nook and cranny to verify that your home is deemed habitable. Our experts offer radon testing, property inspections, basement radon testing and pre-sale inspections. We understand that selling a home can be an exhausting process. Know what you are putting on the market with a property inspection. Our affordable home inspection services are designed to provide you with further peace of mind and additional knowledge. If you need basement radon testing or a tried-and-true home inspector to provide you the services you need for an affordable rate, inquire about our building inspections.

Call AAbak Home Inspections in Aurora, CO at 720-363-0813 to determine the current state of your home and its radon levels. Ask us about our competitive rates and experience as a professional home inspector.

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